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    Zoo La Grandera in Cangas de Onis, at the gates Covadonga and Los Lagos, in the Picos de Europa, offers visitors nearly 400 animals, the most representative of Asturias, of the peninsula, and a sample of other species of five continents.

    In a unique forest environment, consisting of native forest, oak, chestnut, beech, hazel, ash, yew, holly, along with other exotic, such as pine trees, mimosas, mulberries, decorate and enliven some 40,000 m2 of habitat, formed by forest, meadow, ponds, where we can admire and photograph: bears, wolves, chamois, otters, lynx, grouse, buzzards, owls, hawks, etc. In a comfortable and natural way.

    Information and bookingss: 

    Zoo La Grandera
    Soto de Cangas s/n Cangas de Onís
    +34985 940 017 / +34607 757 433


    With Birdwatch Asturias you will have fun with birdwatching in this extraordinary environment.

    You could enjoy observing the legendary lammergeier which, after more than 50 years, have settled on these mountains again. Besides, you may also spot an excellent selection of the species inhabiting Picos de Europa.

    Another excellent option is to enjoy with the birds from the Sella River. We offer you a special canoe descent in sections and schedules with less people than usual. That way, you might closely spot species like the kingfisher, the white-throated dipper, grey herons, mallards, sand martins, etc.
    You don’t have to worry about binoculars: we provide you with binoculars and terrestrial scope as well as bird guides. As for the descent clothes, neoprene suits (if necessary) and life jackets, they are also up to us.

    Information and reservations:

    Birdwatch Asturias

    Celorio, 6

    Cangas de Onís

    644 461 546 / 618 357 342



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