• Cangas de Onís is synonymous with Gamonéu, fabes, meats, fish, borronchu and emberzaos. For this reason, the Jornadas del Borronchu and the Emberzao have been organized for three years, when local restaurants cook menus where the protagonist is pork, corn and cabbage.
    In the Sella and Gueña rivers there are high quality fish such as salmon and trout, with recognitions beyond our borders, such as roxa (red) meat of beef fed in the pastures of the mountain, nowadays protected by a PGI (protected geographical indication) quality guarantee.
    Among the dishes that combine the products of the area is offered: from the typical fabada, fabes with clams, Asturian pot, arbejos (peas) with ham, chops roxa meat, pitu de caleya (village chicken) lamb and kid.
    Cider, traditional Asturian drink, also constitutes an excellent gastronomic material since it is used for the elaboration of exquisite dishes such as hake with cider, sausages with cider, etc.

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